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Ouija film review: Can Olivia Cooke shine in new horror?

Does new Blumhouse horror Ouija live up to its successful US theatrical run?

Terminator 5 new pics of Arnie, Emila Clarke & Matt Smith

Terminator: Genisys first pictures show the cast screaming, shooting and wearing leather

13 horror movie rules you need to survive Halloween

To survive your horror movie Halloween, follow these 13 simple instructions

Institute of Ismaili Studies Welcomes Dr Shafique N. Virani as the new Visi

Dr Virani achievements include awards from UNESCO, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Middle East Studies Association, the Foundation for Iranian Studies, Harvard University, the International Farabi Prize, and ...

Starry Eyes trippy first trailer for Hollywood horror

Striking first trailer for David Lynch-esque Hollywood indie horror Starry Eyes